We are now offering Curbside Pickup!

Need to pick up some eggs, wine, and maybe a toasted Reuben, but would prefer to pick up your order curbside or from the sidewalk? Love your Stumptown latte, but would rather stay outside? We got you.

  1. Call the store from which you want to pick up and we will walk through your order with you.

  2. We will gather it all together for you and give you a call back with any substitutions or questions.

  3. We will finalize your order with you over the phone and set up your preferred pick-up window.

  4. When you arrive, just call us and let us know you are outside.

If you are quarantined and unable to meet us outside the store, please let us know and we will try and help as best we can. We want everyone to still be able to enjoy Royal Blue, even if it’s from the comfort of your home.